How to Hide The Big AC in Your Own Yard?

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If you reside in a very hot climate, then your AC is possibly your favorite appliance. But, it can promptly become a big party crasher in mid of the backyard summer barbecue. The same boxy, hulking piece of machinery which cools your home can be an eyesore in the garden. But do not sweat it anymore. There are many ways you can easily hide, block, conceal and mask your air conditioner unit so that you will not even know it is there. Below is how:
Firstly remember how your AC works and what actually keeps it efficient and happy. An Air Conditioner unit needs some space to breathe. As it works so much hard to make inside of your home cool, it has to vent a lot of produced heat. The reason why the metal casing of air conditioner units are perforated tends to be to do that only. Keep this in your mind while adding any kind of obstruction or cover near your machine. In order to be safe, do check the manufacturer recommended distances for all kinds of an enclosure or reach AC Repair Tempe to know in detail.
While designing your new home or retrofitting for new system, remember a happy AC is one which doesn’t need to work so very hard. One method to guarantee this is to utilize an energy-efficient method of home designs which can decrease your reliance on AC and even keep as much cold air inside your house as possible.
Another method to design an effective system is to ensure that the unit has a shady and cool spot where to work. Put it on side of the home with the maximum protection from sun, in order that it does not heat up a lot. Now are the tips to minimize visual impacts.
Fence It In
The most common approach is to just hide the AC from view. For idea on screens and fences that can work for your own garden, take cue from elements you have in the garden already to maintain integrated look.
Build Up Dedicated Structure
Keeping room for ventilation in your mind, consider creating dedicated structure to provide shade to the machine which might not be situated in the most excellent spot. Based on your garden requirements, this could be even incorporated with place to store lawnmower, pool care supplies, hose, or other stuffs. In this instance a structure built up on to side of the home disguises the system while also offering a spot for the garden tools.
Redesign The Backyard
If you are considering the garden makeover anyway, this might be a good chance to design a unit of the utility spaces which are closed off completely from the view. In this instance a quite small courtyard has been optimized fully for garden storage solution, along with for utility closet which houses the Air Conditioner unit.
Guide View and Distract
The savvy landscape designers can tell you that key to a very beautiful garden, even the one with a big air conditioner in corner, is to just direct the eyes to a very beautiful framed view.
Add Vegetation and Structural Screens
An integrated patio furniture or custom cover may be a bit expensive for a few; a plant screen tends to be a great budget alternative. This straightforward trellis covers your air conditioner, leaving complete access to it easily from behind and even adding vertical element to your garden design. You even could integrate this with the veggie garden to enable climbing plants, such beans, to vertically grow. A few premade trellis systems, such as this one, have the access door also from the front.


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